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Análisis de la actividad locomotora diaria de Acanthogonatus tacuariensis (Araneae, Nemesiidae)

Capocasale, R. M., Lavarello, L.


[:en]Analysis o f the daily locomotor activity of Acanthogonatus tacuariensis (Araneae, Nemesiidae) The daily locomotor activity ofAcanthogonatus tacuariensis was investigated by means of an actograph apparatus. Twenty-one adult specimens (13 males and eight females) were monitored over 2,352 hours in the course of one year. The covariance analysis indicated neither significant statistical difference between specimens in the daily locomotor activity nor statistical difference between sexes. Statistical analysis of three variables was performed: duration of daily locomotor activity (hours), relation between hourly locomotor activity in darkness and in daylight and daily number of events occurring during the locomotor activity. Results suggest a possible association between daily mean temperature and the studied variables.

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Araneae, Acanthogonatus tacuariensis, Daily locomotor activity, Chronobiology, Uruguay

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MZ volum 22.2 (1999) mz